How much is shipping going to be?

In Australia it's $12 for standard shipping and $15 for express. It ships with auspost and I highly recommend paying the extra $3, especially in the months leading up to HeXmas. If your order is over $300 then express shipping is free in Australia.

For international shipments it's $30 AUD for under 500g (one pedal) and $60 AUD for over 500g. Shipping costs are capped at $60 AUD so if you order ten pedals and a desktop synth, I'll pay the extra shipping costs for you. 


When will a specific product be back in stock?

Please drop me an email on the contact page and just ask :) You can also sign up for a restock email (if you would rather not talk to me) and this way I can check what's in demand and build stock accordingly. 


Can you do a youtube demo video of specific product?

Yes - if you ask me, I will put it on my stuff to do list. I'm starting to do a few more demo's, I've been practicing talking on camera, and learning how to use OpenShot video editor.

Can I run a pedal at 18V for more headroom?

It depends on the pedal. Most of them can be run at higher voltage if they have 25V capacitors, but some build I've used 16V caps. 12V is safe for nearly everything I build. It's best to check with me first for 18V. Head over to the contact page and drop me an email.

Why don't you build custom orders anymore?

If you look at my product pages you'll see a lot of things are out of stock. I'm focused on trying to build my own products, and I don't have time to do custom builds.

I want to sell you web services, social media marketing, shopify apps or customization, SEO services, or some other sales/marketing bullshit. Why haven't you replied?

I'm very clear on my contact page that I'm not interested in these services. I will report your emails as junk and block you. If you spam me from multiple addresses I'll reply with a video of a Darkthrone song - FUCK OFF AND DIE !!!