I'm not currently accepting custom orders, due to clearing the backlog of current orders. All going well I should be open again early to mid 2023. If you want something built in the meantime please head over to Alizon Devices for custom work.

I'm happy to offer customization on all of my pedal designs, and custom one off builds too.

If you want aesthetic changes like different knobs, enclosure colours or a custom faceplate, it can sometimes be done at no extra cost.

Electronic changes are also available like CV controls or Expression Pedal Jacks, Tap Tempo functions, Alternate Clipping Options or whatever mods you can dream up, I'll try to design them.

Contact me and I'll send you a customization request form to fill in, and then I can get back to you with a quote.

Custom pedal builds do require a $50 AUD deposit to commence work.

I also offer custom PCB, Audio and Electronic design services starting at $50 AUD per hour, and repair pedals too.

Sometimes I can be talked into assembling uncompleted DIY kits or building clones of discontinued pedals, especially if they are cool and interesting. So if there's anything you're after let me know.

NoisWasp with custom knob colours, 5V limited CV output, Expression pedal jack, DC or CV expression pedal sources, 2x vactrol modulation destinations, 2x indicator LED, and AWESOME PIRATE STICKERS !!!

Custom three in one build containing the DoomedLife, DoomLord and Leviathan.

Custom build of the AionFX Intersound IVP preamp with custom faceplate. Mods include output buffer, extra output, channel bridging.


Custom Pedal. Green Ringer octave, that splits into a parallel BC108 Sunface Fuzz and HM-2 Swedish Chainsaw. Then there's a Drive Blend knob that runs into a LPB1 boost. Clean blends are everywhere. And buffers.

Custom Pedal

NoisWasp with Bipolar CV input/output and 2nd CV input where positive and negative voltages modulate separate functions.
Custom CV NoisWasp
P1tch B1tch with custom enclosure and knobs, and Tap Tempo LFO modulation, Extended LFO range and Custom LFO waveforms
Custom Tap Tempo P1tch B1tch