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Some of you may know, Zorius and I (Detrital) started this endeavour together doing DIY and building + modding + insanitizing our own synths and pedals. We design everything together. Then we started selling a few mad creations to friends, and then the public.

But sadly - just when sales were taking off - some dickless Russian billionaire warmonger invaded Ukraine and sales in Hungary (which borders Ukraine) stopped overnight.

So, to help out my Business Partner, PCB Design Conspirator and Non-Genetic Brother I'm creating a department for Alizon Devices on my website, to try to help Zorius get some much needed sales from its traffic.

It will hopefully help my European customers avoid the awful shipping costs from Australia to Europe, and also reduce the sloth like transit times that Australia Post are content with, and famous for.

There are some build photo's below, and also some contact details. Alizon Devices will be keeping some of these pedals in stock and you can contact Zorius via Instagram for pedal or eurorack orders.

You might also find some completed builds up for sale on reverb, so scroll down to the links section below and try your luck !!

EuroRack Collection


Buy Direct from Reverb: