Big flippin' news !!!

Gehirn Enterprises will be closing, for about a week and a half.

You can still order if you want, but I won't be shipping anything until 11th March.

I'll be moving my business from a tiny basement, into a slightly larger shop, and also be doing this as my job, instead of a side hustle.

It's very, very fucking exciting to be expanding, and in the near future I should hopefully be able to keep all of my products in stock.

Once I've completed the first batch of products in the new shop, I'll be putting out a sale with some sweet, sweet discounts via my extremely infrequent newsletter (promise no spam, it's about once a year, if that), so make sure you sign up on the main page if you want in.

I also have some exciting new Eurorack modules that I'll be releasing soon.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Thanks for the support, would not be able to do this without my weird and wonderful customers.