Back on deck

Right, so...



I had a break, it was nice. Now I'm back.

You might have seen I just launched NINE !!! new EuroRack products.
I'm really proud of them. Has been a lot of work but they rock.

I've got next week off my usual job to build more stock so expect to see the DoomLord back in stock then.

I'll also be starting work on the Doom Dimension Door. It's a sub octave pitch shifter with sine waves for the deepest sub bass carnage. And a DoomedLife pedal, With a DoomLord chucked on the end of that sweet sweet signal chain. And... The Doomlord will have an output boost after the EQ stage, to recover the signal loss from passive EQ. Maximum volume yields maximum results. 

And I should finally have time to record demo's for the Catastrophic Delay and Pitch Druid. Both are really amazing delays. The Cat will drown you in ambient bliss, and the Druid may be the most powerful and versatile pedal I have created.