uWasp 8HP
uWasp 8HP
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uWasp 8HP

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EuroRack Version of the NoisWasp Pedal. Compacted to 8HP save rack space.
Functionally identical to the 12HP version.

Absolute beast. Not for the faint hearted.

Has 1x CV input and 1x Bi-Directional CV In/Out, Audio In, Audio Out.

Processes your external audio into unrecognizable noisy distorted trash, or utilize it's ability to generate it's own sounds / noise / terror with no input.
Will add overtones to your signal or self oscillate in any gaps of silence.

Can create drones, noise, screams, random but repeating atonal sequences, glitchy sputtering sounds and will probably do something different every time you power it up.

8HP, Doepfer Compliant, Skiff Friendly
(earlier version)

40 mA 12V, 1 mA -12V, 0 mA 5V, 2x5 pin power. +/- 15V tolerant.

Minimal Industrial Jam by Bribery's Production House:

Demo of the pedal version here:

Demo's of the previous edition in a modular setup:

A heavily modded module based on the 4MS Euro Swash.

User Manual