Covid Prevention Policy

Well... Covid is well and truly here and there is now community transmission in Tasmania.

But no one should get sick from a guitar pedal purchase - ever.

Here are the steps Gehirn Enterprises are taking to ensure your safety and make sure this never happens.

1. I'm double vaxxed with pfizer, and about to get my booster.
2. In person sales are on hold until further notice.
3. I'm isolating as much as possible and only leaving the house to go to work, or the post office.
4. I'm limiting visits to the post office so it might take an extra day or two to ship.
5. Cardboard packaging used will kill the covid virus after 24 hours.
6. All sales and dispatches will halt if I am sick, until I get a negative covid test.

The best thing you can do to stop covid, is to get vaccinated, and buy more pedals so you don't need to leave the house.

So if you haven't gotten vaccinated yet - GET FUCKING VACCINATED YOU FUCKING DUMB FUCK !!!

If you haven't bought any pedals yet, you can do so here